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Paid $400 Toward Auto Loan Today

April 30, 2009

After preparing May’s budget after I deposited my paycheck today, I’m set to pay $1217.70 towards my auto loan this month. Due to an unexpected parking ticket, I had to slightly reduce my intended amount, but hopefully will make it up with my eBay sales this month. Incidentally, how lucky am I that Auctiva decided to extend its free trial throughout May?! Very cool site, and convenient. I have about 7 saved auctions right now that are just waiting for me to take pictures of the items so I can post them.

Going back to the car, after all allocations, $400 of that $1217.70 is available from today’s paycheck, so I just went and paid that off. What can I say, I LOVE hitting that PAY button…

I’ve been checking out library books on crafts to see if I can make something to sell online as a part time gig to generate extra income. I’m not particularly crafty though (that gene went to my sister), so I didn’t see anything that really rocked my boat. I do want to make Japanese lamps (I think they’re so pretty) and think they would be popular, but I’ve never done woodworking before and I don’t have any tools. I’ll keep looking…

I still haven’t switched over to YNAB yet. I’m just so used to my Google Excel spreadsheets and really enjoy being able to fiddle with them at home and office.

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