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25 Random Things and Thoughts About Me

1. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for British humor and am currently loving “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” with Stephen Fry (of Wilde fame) and Hugh Laurie (yes – THAT Hugh Laurie of House MD!) One day after work, I actually ran into Mr. Laurie – literally RAN into him – at the entrance of 24 Hr Fitness as he was leaving. I was in a hurry and bumped right into a man’s sweaty chest, looked up two stories high and saw his annoyed face (“What saucy Asian wench dares to impede my grand exit scene!?”). I only had a brief moment to recognize him and assume the starstruck gaping mouth when he walked right past me and out of my life forever. My forehead was still damp with his sweat. I touched it and thought, “This is probably the first and last time I will swap bodily fluids with a Hollywood star.”

2. As you can probably see, my humor leans towards the irreverent, slightly gutterish (but not as far as “American Pie”), and basically walks the line between shocking and naughty – but in a very tasteful way. (Is there even such a thing as a line between shocking and naughty?) Case in point: the line from a sketch from “Fry and Laurie” that goes, “I suppose I am one of the ‘unhappy bubbles of anal wind, popping and winking in the mortal bath,’ am I? Oh, your silence tells me everything. I AM, I AM an unhappy bubble of anal wind!” sends me into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

3. To continue with the current Fry obsession, I love his humor, but even more so, I deeply respect his very real genius and humanity. Check out his Youtube clips on thoughts on religion, science, life, and his amazingly honest documentary on bipolar illness. I love the man.

4. I love Asian horror films – not so much the “Ringu” types with the long-haired woman with anatomically impossible limb movements – but along the lines of Japan’s “Kairo” and “Noroi”, Taiwan’s “Silk”, Thailand’s “Shutter”, and China’s “Dumplings”, etc. They’re more subtle, and therefore, a lot scarier. I also like anime – watch “Blood: The Last Vampire” and “Blood+”. Awesome.

5. After finishing my paralegal courses, I recently decided to continue my studies which I am doing online as I work fulltime, and in the process, rediscovered my love for learning. It’s amazing how alive you feel when your mind is constantly gaining new knowledge.

6. I’m proud of the decision I made last year to put myself on a budget and actively start paying down my debt aka Dave Ramsey style. To date, I haven’t used credit cards since and have paid off $13,354.26 in 1 year and do not feel in the least like I’m denying myself or restricting my life unbearably. Thanks to this recession, I’m learning new useful financial habits for life.

7. I find that I learn and benefit most from doing exactly what I fear most. Putting myself on a budget, for instance, was something I thought I could never do (“I simply CANNOT restrict my freedom in any way!”) but it has ended up being the best thing for me. Next step: improve my physical fitness and… oh what the hell, drop some serious FLAB!

8. I have a like/hate relationship with K-dramas. I’m still more on the hate side, since I don’t understand the point of watching other families eat, talk, and argue on TV when I can just look at my own family do those things, or watching the incredibly awkward 2nd grade level sexual moves between two people in their twenties, or enduring the endlessly frustrating misunderstandings that happen just because someone won’t open his or her mouth and JUST SAY WHAT YOU FEEL GODDAMNIT! (Can you tell I yell at the screen a lot?) But I liked “Coffee Prince.”

9. I like to think that I appear to people as a conscientious, thoughtful, serious listener. But my SO tells me that his favorite trait of mine is my downright child-like goofiness which I seem to exhibit only around him when we’re alone. Hmm, maybe I should show it more often to others…

10. I’m actively reading 4 books at any given time (thank God for the library or I would be broke!) that vary from self-help business to spiritual to autobiographies to non-fiction science or history. I tried chick lit for lighter fare, but I couldn’t get past the second page as I was bored to tears.

11. I believe every American in their twenties should spend at least 2 years abroad in another country. I say twenties because that is when people are still developing their basic life philosophy and global outlook, and 2 years because it takes at least that much time to completely immerse yourself in the local culture and get rid of the “tourist” outsider view. Possessing such sheltered views about ourselves and the rest of the world have weakened and distorted our sense of identity and place in the global scene, where we grossly overestimate our superiority and underestimate other opinions and perspectives foreign to our own. This unbalanced point of view and lack of understanding of other cultures and ways of life will eventually undermine America’s position as a beneficial participant to the future of the world. That is why I am always interested in how people from other countries view us Americans.

12. The older I become, the more I find that my thinking is naturally evolving towards “the middle way.” I always try to see both sides of the issue, and strongly believe that a balance is needed in all areas of our lives. As much as I sometimes bristle at right-wing fear-based philosophy, I firmly respect its right and importance of existence to be a counterbalance to the left, and vice versa. I am an opinionated moderate, slightly-more-to-the-left person.

13. I don’t really care for children, and I don’t believe I will have any. I’ve never had that maternal instinct and the little buggers annoy me with their endless inane questions and OMG THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE TO RAISE and it scares me that no matter how well you try to raise them, they can still completely wreck their lives and hurt you deeply in the process, and the risk/return factor just doesn’t work for me. Besides, I’ll be busy paying for Nadya Suleman’s babies until I’m 65.

14. I don’t care for people who are intellectually lazy or refuse to accept self-responsibility for their lives. No matter how dysfunctional your childhood was or how messed up your family is, it’s no excuse for you screwing up your life or not making it into something you’re proud of because no one else is going to live your life for you and no one can change your life but you. Unless you’re actually physically locked up in a cell and depend wholly on another person to feed you and provide your needs, you’re not a “victim,” especially if you live in America where anyone who works hard and smart can create a happy life. I’ve had dark periods in my life, physically and emotionally, so I can say this with confidence because I personally know how hard it is.

15. Qualities that attract me are: articulateness, self-reliance, being able to take care of your loved ones emotionally and physically, having an open mind, realistic optimism, and an appreciation for the slightly indie, quirky and naughty (I said SLIGHTLY).

16. I’ve started a few blogs, but I never stick with them. Writing is cathartic for me, but I have a problem with following up and sticking to a schedule – in other words, I’m LAZY. But it’s been my desire to start writing again. 

17. I used to read and therefore write fantasy novels when I was young, when I wanted to be a writer. My story submission to the annual writing competition in 8th grade English class was freaking 25 pages long – and that was only the Prologue and Chapter 1. I remember the day when we had to read each other’s submissions and rate it accordingly. We were given 5 minutes to read each paper. I got a kick of watching the poor kid who got my 25 page behemoth, seeing his eyes grow round as saucers and face pale, at the thought of the impossible task before him. His comment was, unsurprisingly, “I couldn’t finish – rating N/C.” I must have been inspired by Stephen King at the time.

18. My 7th grade English was when I first learned that I wrote well. I submitted a short horror story and inserted all the creepy gore that I could think of. I distinctly remember running out of Webster’s synonyms for “mucus.” A few days later, my English teacher called me into her private office and asked me quite gravely if I had plagiarized my story. I didn’t even know what “plagiarize” meant, much less understand the concept that a person could possibly take someone else’s story and pass it for his own. After convincing Mrs. Burke that the story was a 100% complete product of my own sick young mind, she was astonished and told me that I should seriously consider writing as a career.

19. I’m a better listener than talker. I find conversations so much more interesting that way. 

20. I don’t get angry easily. I tend to hold in my negative emotions until they explode which happens once in a blue moon. And then I feel better afterwards and wonder why I don’t do it more often.

21. If I see you, remind me to tell you of the story when my father decided to smuggle raw meat as a carry-on during a flight from Korea to Los Angeles. IT. IS. HILARIOUS.

22. At one point in my life, I seriously considered staying permanently in the Philippines (I once lived there for 4 years). Now when I look back, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had, and there is a part of me that grudgingly admits that I may not have been too happy if I did, knowing what I know now and the opportunities for me.

23. My favorite type of restaurant isn’t the expensive fusion, Neo-American or Neo-Anything ilk that seems to be so popular in West L.A. Give me a hole-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic restaurant serving delicious home style cooking any day and I am a happy gal. I love Jonathan Gold – there is no better food writer who could have received the Pulitzer. Mad props to him.

24. People who know me just went, “Huh? ‘Mad props’?” right now. So what? Deal with it.

25. TV shows I love(d) in no particular order (you’ll tell right away I don’t watch a lot of TV): The Wire, The Larry Sanders Show, The Office (British and yes, I admit, American versions), Extras, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights (although haven’t been following recently).

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  1. oilandgarlic permalink
    March 26, 2010 9:28 am

    Wow– I so agree with you on so many points, it’s scary – living or at least traveling abroad in your 20s, Jonathan Gold, British humor (I lean thoward the British Office and Ab Fab), and the smuggling food from foreign countries part. I hope you write more and look foward to exploring your blog!

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